How is Quality Pulse® Different Than Other Tools on the Market?

Jack Garvey |

Quality Pulse® compares to other quality culture assessments in four key areas and differentiates itself quite well. First of all, Quality Pulse® is a research-based model. It was developed starting with organizational behavioral research and culture research in... Read more

What Are the Top 2-3 Skills That the Training & Learning Community Needs to Up-skill / Re-skill Their Staff to Support a Virtual Inspection or the Adaptation of the Audit Model?

Jack Garvey |

Question: Thanks, Jack. That was informative. What would you consider to be the 2-3 top skills that the Training and Learning community needs to upskill / reskill their staff to support a virtual inspection or the adaptation of... Read more

What Types of Companies Can Benefit from Quality Pulse®

Teresa Gorecki |

The Quality Pulse® culture diagnostic tool is appropriate for all companies in biopharma and pharma, in regulated consumer products, in devices, and in combination products. Companies that do not have a culture supportive in enabling quality…they suffer poor... Read more