AGxPE Virtual Event – October 28th, 2020 – CEO Jack Garvey to Present Short Module on Virtual FDA Inspections

CEO Jack Garvey is proud to be hosting a short module on virtual FDA inspections on October 28th in conjunction with AGxPE.

In what is sure to be a provocative session, Garvey says, “… be prepared for a whole lot of speculation on virtual audits since really, FDA hasn’t done much, hasn’t communicated much, and isn’t doing much at all in the inspection realm – traditional surveillance / GMP inspections anyway. But, that could change anytime, so there IS a lot to be prepared for.”

This discussion will be preceded by a panel discussion on handling difficult audit situations with grace under fire.

The Association for GXP Excellence is turning 5 this year and continues to grow and expand with new chapters coming online in San Francisco Bay Area and Boston.  The organization is comprised of quality, compliance and training professionals throughout the world, in industry, academia and regulatory job roles. The Association for GXP Excellence (“AGXPE”) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization consisting of professionals in all regulated industries who seek to install quality, compliance and excellence in all of their training and cultural transformations.  We are dedicated individuals who seek to aid our membership through key interactions with a frequency and duration that is required to sustain core competencies.  Donors can deduct contributions to the organization made under IRC Section 170.

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