Compliance Architects® CEO Jack Garvey to Co-Present with Bayer Pharmaceutical VP of Quality Tina Self on Strategic Quality Plan Development

Generis BioManufacturing Summit, 2018Compliance Architects® is excited to announce that its Chief Executive Officer, Jack Garvey, will co-present on the topic of Strategic Quality Plan Development with Bayer Pharmaceutical, Berkeley Site, Vice President of Quality, Tina Self.   The presentation, to be delivered at the Generis American Biomanufacturing Summit, 2018, in San Francisco, CA on June 14 and 15th, will highlight Bayer Pharmaceuticals Berkeley site’s experience with and use of Compliance Architects® CRPN Quality Roadmap® strategic planning methodology.

The CRPN Quality Roadmap® is a flexible consulting service offering comprised of a defined, proven methodology, proprietary risk and complexity algorithms, and cloud-based software tool that together facilitates intelligent, semi-quantitative risk-based planning for regulated, life-science manufacturers.

With use-case applications including:

  • Quality Assurance Strategic Planning
  • Compliance Risk Reduction Program Planning
  • Quality Activities Portfolio Analysis and Resource Planning
  • Executive Stakeholder Alignment Discussions

the CRPN Quality Roadmap® is FDA-regulated industry’s first turnkey methodology that enables both enterprise-wide and site quality risk management principles.

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