Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) “Law Over Lunch” – Monday, June 29th – “Transitioning to the Future:  FDA Inspections in a Post-COVID-19 – Will There Be a New Normal?”

CEO Jack Garvey will be leading Food and Drug Law Institute’s “Law Over Lunch” series two weeks from today, Monday, June 29th at 11:45 am Eastern.

Topic: Transitioning to the Future:  FDA Inspections in a Post-COVID-19 – Will There Be a New Normal?

The current inspection climate for FDA regulated products has never been more uncertain. From risk based approaches due to COVID to virtual inspections and a de-regulatory climate, it is never been more challenging for companies to consider both current state readiness and future possibilities for inspection management. During this Law Over Lunch discussion, we will consider how companies are considering current inspection readiness, the possibility of virtual inspections along with legal and regulatory considerations (and limit’s on FDA’s authority) to consider, and what the future holds for FDA inspections in a post COVID-19, increasingly virtual world.

The Law Over Lunch series is offered specifically to FDLI members, and provides an exclusive opportunity to engage in facilitated virtual discussions over lunch on topics of interest to the food and drug law community. Groups are small – limited to ten attendees – to encourage fruitful conversation. This member-only benefit is a chance to closely learn from, educate, and network with other professionals in the field on new and pertinent topics.

Prior topics have included:

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