Jack Garvey to Present on Data Integrity at 2018 Association for GxP Excellence Summer Meeting in Harleysville, PA June 22nd

Compliance Architects® is excited to announce that its Chief Executive Officer, Jack Garvey, will present on the topic of “Data Integrity Goes to Court – Are Data Integrity Failures ‘Material’ to a Company’s Performance?” at 2018 Association for GxP Excellence Summer Meeting at Henning’s Community Room in Lower Salford, PA June 22nd.

This session will discuss the very relevant issue of data integrity. We will review current high-profile merger-related litigation occurring between two companies where data integrity issues are the CORE of the dispute. We will also identify what the dispute is; share excerpts of (and assertions within) some of the court documents; review how both companies got there; and discuss lessons to learn from this interesting case. We will also briefly review a comprehensive approach to prevent, fix, and/or remediate data integrity deficiencies within any life sciences organization.

The Association for GXP Excellence (“AGXPE”) is a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization consisting of professionals in all regulated industries who seek to install quality, compliance and excellence in all of their training and cultural transformations. They are dedicated individuals who seek to aid our membership through key interactions with a frequency and duration that is required to sustain core competencies.

Their Mission is simple: To develop and share scientifically sound, practical technical training information and resources to advance quality and compliance training and compliance for, but not limited to, the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, food, cosmetics and supplement industries through the expertise of our membership.

AGXPE operates throughout the entire United States with its core population in the Northeast corridor. Its leadership is comprised of industry-wide, seasoned professionals.

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