WEBINAR: Risk Based Quality Planning (May 14th 11am Eastern) hosted by our friends at i2e Consulting

Compliance Architects’ CEO Jack Garvey will be hosting an hour-long webinar (May 14th 11am Eastern) about risk-based quality planning for FDA-regulated industry. Register HERE. This event is being hosted by our friends at i2e Consulting.

Titled, “Enabling Effective Quality and Compliance Operations Through Complexity-Considered, Risk-Based Planning,” Jack will explore…

  • Contemporary challenges for Quality & Compliance impacting business outcomes
  • Visualizing your business and Quality operations “future state”
  • Strategic Quality What is it and why is it important
  • Business centric Quality System design and performance
  • From Vision to Strategy, Planning and Execution
  • Common Pain areas

This webinar discusses how strategic approaches to Quality can provide critical enterprise contributions to your company’s operational, and financial performance. The workshop will review the concept of Strategic Quality and explain how to consider and implement a defined Quality vision and strategy to improve overall business outcomes.

FDA Risk Planning

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