UPDATE: Free FDA GMP / QSR Ebooks for IPhone, IPad

Jack Garvey |

This is an UPDATE to a post from May 2010.
Please click this link for the original post.

On Monday, June 21, Apple released the IPhone OS4.    This update to the Apple IPhone operating system added great new features such as multitasking, folders and more.    Also, along with this release, Apple released a great new application for the IPhone:   iBooks!

From the Apple website: “More than a great ebook reader,
iBooks is also an amazing place to browse and shop for books, day or night.”

In the original post from May 5, 2010, I advised how to get free FDA GMP/QSR Ebooks for the IPhone.   Although I thought that the instructions were pretty easy, with IOS4 and iBooks, the process of getting these is even easier! So, follow the instructions below, and check out the following FDA GMP/QSR Ebooks.    iBooks makes them look and function even better!

Let’s get started:

First, update your IPhone OS to IOS4.    This update is now available through iTunes for IPhone 3G and 3GS phones.    Next, download iBooks, which is a free download, from ITunes or directly from your IPhone or IPad using the App Store Icon.

Second, to download each individual eBook, right-click on each of the following links.   Select “Save Link As,”  and save the files, one by one, to a convenient location on your computer.    They take up very little space.   The file extension will be ” .EPUB “

Third, launch iTunes.   Under the “Library” section of iTunes, click on the “Books” tab.    Using Windows File Manager, locate the .EPUB files in step two, and drag and drop them to the file list on the  “Books” tab.     Then, sync your computer with your IPhone and the new books will be installed as eBooks in iBooks.

Come back and get the next one when you want / need.   It’s that simple!

Please see our new RESOURCES page to download the most recent regulation eBooks for the iPad, iPhone and Android smartphone devices.

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