What are the Technical Capabilities of Quality Pulse®?

Ken Ray |

Quality Pulse® has some very robust technical capabilities that are built in and accompany the research-based behavioral model that’s behind the diagnostic. A couple of those key technical capabilities include the underlying data model that accompanies the diagnostic.

We work with each of our clients to identify populations that they want to assess, and then are able to put those populations into the assessment, which allows us to do a very robust population analysis. We can determine by looking at a question the distribution of responses, are there population differences in those responses? And then, look further into the open-text responses of those populations for insights into why those populations are responding differently.

That also ties into our ability to process that open-text data. We use natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis on those open text responses to determine, are these favorable to culture or healthy quality culture, or unfavorable to healthy quality culture? And then we can start to see individual insights in the context of the larger scored questions.

That gives us greater color, greater depth, and detail and context from which we can then determine what are the response and action items we need to take to improve the culture.

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