EXPAND Control of Supplier Quality Activities

A Very Public Supply Chain Risk

A “perfect storm” of events has created significant quality and compliance risk for FDA-regulated companies.  High-profile failure events at suppliers and contract manufacturers has created a hyper-awareness by FDA of a company’s external supply chain.   Your company must have a robust supplier quality and audit program in place or, your entire supply chain could be at risk from regulatory enforcement.

Enabling Smart Supplier Oversight

Compliance Architects® excels at the development, delivery, and management of improved supplier quality audit and quality management programs. We structure the sponsor-third party relationship with risk-based contracts and contemporary relationship management tools.  We enable the facilitation of efficient interactions between your company and your supplier base to ensure a well-managed and well-governed relationship.   Relationship management changes from infrequent and periodic to regular and robust, with IT/IM tools and robust data models as the foundation for effective oversight.

Managed Services Leverage Our Technology, People and Processes

Why build a department of internal people to manage a small supplier base?  Compliance Architects® can provide a turnkey, managed supplier quality service that tightly integrates with your company’s operational and quality organization to improve overall management effectiveness with a significantly reduced cost.  Innovative and effective, our managed services help strained quality functions achieve more with less!

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