What Makes Quality Pulse® Unique? How is it Different Than Other Tools on the Market?

Tommy McMaster |

Jerry Appert: Great, great discussion. When you think about all of the different applications and use cases that you both articulated so nicely, maybe one of the questions I started thinking about is, what makes this different in... Read more

What are the Technical Capabilities of Quality Pulse®?

Tommy McMaster |

Quality Pulse® has some very robust technical capabilities that are built in and accompany the research-based behavioral model that's behind the diagnostic. A couple of those key technical capabilities include the underlying data model that accompanies the diagnostic.... Read more

How Does the Interactive / Visual Data Output of Quality Pulse® Help Executives?

Teresa Gorecki |

Good executives make decisions based on facts and data. The Quality Pulse® output provides basically a high-level scorecard that is then drilled down into, and it allows an executive or leader to look at a high-level summary of... Read more