What Are FDA’s Thoughts on Quality Culture?

Teresa Gorecki |

I want to begin before I turn it over to Ken and talk a little bit about FDA’s thoughts on quality culture. I think this is one of the areas that I’ve seen FDA become more and more... Read more

The Winchester House of Quality

Jack Garvey |

Well designed and executed quality systems are the foundation of compliance for the highly regulated pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Still, many companies struggle to build strong, functional quality systems, instead creating various regulatory versions of the Winchester... Read more

Compliance Architects® and CherryCircle Software Announce New Partnership to Drive Best-in-Class Drug Development

Jack Garvey |

Compliance Architects® is pleased to announce that it has partnered with CherryCircle Software to support implementation and on-going support needs of CherryCircle’s clients. CherryCircle Software has developed a one-of-a-kind platform (QbDVision Digital CMC™) that brings state-of-the-art digital infrastructure... Read more