When Would a Company Consider Using the Quality Pulse® Culture Diagnostic? – Thoughts from our Senior Consultant, Ken Ray

Tommy McMaster |

Quality Pulse® has several use cases which it adds value to an organization. I’ll give 4 as an example, here. 1st occurs very often, a company is undertaking a quality systems improvement initiative in which they are revising... Read more

What Does the Quality Pulse® Quality Culture Diagnostic Help Organizations Understand?

Teresa Gorecki |

The Quality Pulse® diagnostic tool is a tool that helps an organization understand three things, really… How clearly messages regarding quality are shared across the organization by leaders at all levels. The second is whether the behaviors, and... Read more

Blunt Talk from the FDA on Outsourcing Operations

Jack Garvey |

I’ve read a lot of Warning Letters in my 30 years of working in FDA-regulated industry.  But one issued this week made me stop and think:  is the FDA getting blunter in its language? The Warning Letter was... Read more