Corporate Compliance and Litigation Services

Let us tell you about our unique Four Quadrant Corporate Compliance Framework — Only available through Compliance Architects®.

“We have more than just GxP issues; We are at risk from promotional activities, pricing and commercial compliance and corporate cultural challenges.”

“We’re having trouble keeping up with regulatory requirements and how they affect our operations.”

“We need to differentiate compliance risk across the corporation and ensure our resources are properly aligned to the risk of enforcement.”

Compliance Architects® provides the following expert advisory and consulting services:

Corporate Compliance Programs

  • Corporate Compliance Investigations
  • Outsourced Whistleblower Call & Investigation Program
  • DOJ “7-Elements” Corporate Compliance Program Development and Implementation
  • Regulatory Intelligence Monitoring Program
  • Risk management plans
  • Compliance process risk criticality analysis

Interactions with Department of Justice and the Courts

  • Expert witness testimony or preparation
  • Crisis Management/Communications
  • Risk management plans
  • Document review and risk assessment in anticipation of litigation
  • DOJ “7-Elements” Corporate Compliance Program Development and Implementation