Free Online FDA Inspection Readiness Training

Survive and Thrive During FDA InspectionsCompliance Architects® now offers free online video training in FDA inspection readiness to eligible life sciences companies.

Entitled Survive and Thrive During FDA Inspections, this 90 minute program provides industry-proven best practices for FDA inspection management and includes approaches, tips and secrets from some of the world’s top companies.

New and updated for 2021 and beyond, this inspection training video was developed by leading FDA compliance and enforcement experts Jack Garvey and Teresa Gorecki, and reflect decades of hands-on experience directing, managing and supporting FDA inspections and obtaining successful inspection outcomes.

Compliance Architects® also offers in-person training sessions using these materials at your site. Get your team trained by the best – let us know on the contact form that you are interested in on-site training delivered by our FDA inspection experts, Jack and Teresa.

Free video training is available only to individuals employed by companies directly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, or other internationally-regulated life science entities, i.e., pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, dietary supplement, biologic, food, cosmetic, etc.

To register for this free training we require your business contact information. Upon verification of information provided, and eligibility, you will receive an email with a private link to the training video.

Survive and Thrive During FDA InspectionsWe are confident the principles you and your team learn from these materials will greatly increase your chances for successful FDA inspection outcomes!

Compliance Architects® free online training covers the following topics:

  • “FDA 101”; the Basis of the Regulations
  • Regular Readiness / Preparation for Today’s FDA Inspections
  • Directing / Leading the Inspection:
    • Inspection Management
    • Logistics / Back Room vs. Front Room
    • Investigator Tactics
  • Response Dos and Don’ts

Improve Our Inspection Outcomes!