Webinar, June 23: Inspection Readiness for a More Aggressive FDA

Jack Garvey |

Join the Center for Business Intelligence for a one-hour, information-packed webinar on managing FDA  inspections from a more aggressive FDA.   Now that pharmaceutical, medical device, dietary supplement, and biologics’ companies know that the FDA is back on the hunt for non-compliant companies, what can your company do about it?

The short answer is be prepared!

This webinar will provide background information, strategies, and approaches that will give you the best chance of success when the FDA knocks on your door!

I will be your presenter for this important 1 hour webinar!

Please go here to register:

CBI Webinar:  Inspection Readiness for a More Aggressive FDA

There is no substitute for preparedness when you are dealing with the FDA.   Do you know if you are ready for today’s FDA Investigator to knock on YOUR front door?

To get prepared for FDA inspections, or, to find out how well you would do if the FDA walked into your facility right now, please contact Compliance Architects® at info@compliancearchitects.com or call us at 888-734-9778.

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