What are the Technical Capabilities of Quality Pulse®?

Quality Pulse® has some very robust technical capabilities that are built in and accompany the research-based behavioral model that's behind the diagnostic. A couple of those key technical capabilities include the underlying data model that accompanies the diagnostic.... Read more

How is Quality Pulse® Different Than Other Tools on the Market?

Quality Pulse® compares to other quality culture assessments in four key areas and differentiates itself quite well. First of all, Quality Pulse® is a research-based model. It was developed starting with organizational behavioral research and culture research in... Read more

Blunt Talk from the FDA on Outsourcing Operations

I’ve read a lot of Warning Letters in my 30 years of working in FDA-regulated industry.  But one issued this week made me stop and think:  is the FDA getting blunter in its language? The Warning Letter was... Read more