Compliance Architects® and CherryCircle Software Announce New Partnership to Drive Best-in-Class Drug Development

Jack Garvey |

Compliance Architects® is pleased to announce that it has partnered with CherryCircle Software to support implementation and on-going support needs of CherryCircle’s clients.

CherryCircle Software has developed a one-of-a-kind platform (QbDVision Digital CMC™) that brings state-of-the-art digital infrastructure to pharma and biotech process development. The result: a platform purpose-built to accelerate the drug development cycle, increase the probability of technical success, and help get therapeutic breakthroughs to patients that much faster.

It is clear to us that our industry needs new solutions. Together, our company, along with CherryCircle Software’s QbDVision platform, will offer a comprehensive, new approach.

Compliance Architects® is pleased to announce that it has partnered with CherryCircle Software to support implementation and on-going support needs of CherryCircle’s clients.Research indicates that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies use less than 4% of their data, demonstrating ample opportunity for improvement. While knowledge management initiatives can improve data utilization, they must go beyond simple aggregation of content (“the SharePoint approach”).  The solutions that capture information need to organize and contextualize the information to support key business processes and enable best practices. Traditional approaches fail to do so, resulting in delayed development timelines and application rejections from regulatory authorities.

“Strategic organizations carefully choose their partners. In our discussions with CherryCircle Software we have found a best-in-class platform and a team that really ‘gets’ what’s needed in today’s market,” said John (Jack) Garvey, Compliance Architects® Co-Founder and CEO. “CherryCircle Software provides clients with best-of-breed solutions and services, and we are extremely excited to announce this partnership. We look forward to helping CherryCircle Software, as an implementation partner and support provider, to help build a secure foundation for clients.”

To support this partnership, Compliance Architects® has created specialized, cross-functional QbDVision implementation teams to address the complex business process needs for both pharmaceutical development and software adoption and use.

“We are thrilled about our alliance with Compliance Architects®, specifically due to the deep domain expertise and best practices they bring to our clients,” says Yash Sabarwal, Director, CEO and Co-Founder at CherryCircle Software. “This partnership will enable CherryCircle Software to focus on software development knowing our clients are in good hands regarding implementation and support. It is clear to us that Jack and the Compliance Architects® team represent an optimal partner, because they share our mission of delivering 100% customer success.”

What’s next? We’re just getting started with our journey to transform the market. Be sure to stop by our respective booths at this year’s Biomanufacturing World Summit later this year! Stay tuned for more updates from our collaborations.

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