When Would a Company Consider Using the Quality Pulse® Culture Diagnostic? – Thoughts from our Senior Consultant, Ken Ray

Tommy McMaster |

Quality Pulse® has several use cases which it adds value to an organization. I’ll give 4 as an example, here.

1st occurs very often, a company is undertaking a quality systems improvement initiative in which they are revising their procedures and systems. It may be driven by a regulatory audit, an internal audit, continuous improvement, adoption of new technical software, quality related software, any number of things can drive that change in the system change. The culture needs to change along with that, particularly if it’s a significant pivot. Quality Pulse® can help you understand what your current culture is, and if there are any changes that need to be made to that culture. Make sure things were clearly explained to individuals so they understand and buy in, therefore their behaviors, and the culture, change accordingly.

2nd for startup companies, or even larger midsize companies who are facing a significant scale change. You have to scale up systems to accommodate new volume, growth of the organization, etc. Scaling those systems oftentimes results in change in those systems. What’s appropriate at small scale, may not be appropriate large scale. How do you align your culture, your culture employees’ belief systems, those belief systems translate into behaviors, behaviors translate into culture. How do you make sure that stays in alignment as you adjust the systems? Quality Pulse® is very helpful in that.

3rd Merger and Acquisition. Here you are bringing two cultures together that may be very healthy, but may be very different as well. As you consolidate and reconcile differences between systems, you also need to do the same thing with culture. Understand where you’re coming from and understand where you want to go. Quality Pulse® can give you an insight into both of those starting cultures and help you to find where you want that ending culture to be.

Finally, a company under stress. That stress can be driven by two major drivers. One is regulatory action. You may have an audit you’re responding to. You may have an inspection that wasn’t good. Or even worse, you may even have some regulatory action Those types of stressors on the quality systems side, often drive rapid change and a level of oversight that may not be present in non-stress conditions. That impacts culture, and how people behave. How do you address culture in conjunction with that will determine how quickly you can return to a normal state of operations as that stress is addressed. Similarly, if a company is going through a financial stress, whatever it may be, there may be a gap year, there may be other drivers that are driving that, “squeezing of budgets,” which oftentimes can send signals to individuals that quality is less important. How you can navigate those waters, and meet business results, without eroding confidence in your quality culture and your quality systems, is something Quality Pulse® can help you navigate.

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