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Jack Garvey |

Scale without cost. These are watchwords to modern business. I want my operations to scale with my business volumes, but I don’t want to add cost — How can I accomplish this in compliance operations??

Compliance Architects® is a strong believer in the power of information technology and information systems to facilitate compliance and quality management control frameworks. In fact, we believe that it is virtually impossible to provide a robust, cost-effective quality management system or compliance framework without modern software solutions. In addition, today’s business models are constantly changing. Organizations cannot be staffed to levels where personnel are under-utilized and nonproductive. Compliance Architects® can help you with both of these considerations.

Compliance Architects® can help you put in place strategic technology plans that will ensure that the money spent on quality and compliance operations is not only beneficial to reducing risk, but is also business-supportive. We have worked with many of the top software solutions on the market, and know how expensive and often inflexible these solutions are. We can help you cut through the confusion to find the right solutions for your needs while providing business value at the same time.

We also can know that contract quality and compliance personnel can be extremely useful to “plug in” to your operation and immediately begin addressing gaps in your staff.   The people that can bring to bear are the best — vetted in many industry situation and seasoned to perfection! They can add immediate value to your company, and reduce risk, all without increasing permanent headcount.

To find out how software solutions and/or outsourced quality and compliance operations can improve your business outcomes, contact Jack Garvey at, or visit our website at

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