How Does the Interactive / Visual Data Output of Quality Pulse® Help Executives?

Teresa Gorecki |

Good executives make decisions based on facts and data. The Quality Pulse® output provides basically a high-level scorecard that is then drilled down into, and it allows an executive or leader to look at a high-level summary of the issues, and then to understand where the issues are. Are they in the official messages? Are they in the behaviors of the unwritten messages? Are they in systems and processes? And then, how do those interact and interlink?

It allows the executive to take a lot of what can sometimes be soft or subjective information, and turn it into something that’s actually actionable that an organization can look at, think about what some of the real issues, and or root causes of the issues are, and then set some objectives and develop some action plans that will help them improve their culture.

I think we’re able to actually identify the sentiment, and we provide sentiment information to our clients that help people understand across organizational levels, functions, roles when the within the organization, or many other attributes defined by the company… how well leadership is sending messages, walking the talk, and how well the systems in the processes and the tools are enabling the quality culture in the organization. I think we present a more actionable picture. I think we present data that provides information, and then we provide summarized, contextual information that helps people digest sometimes some not so pleasant numbers, and really begin to give them examples so that they can think through, in a robust way, how to go about addressing some of the feedback that they’ve gotten.

It also allows them to see the things that they’re doing well, and to think about how they maximize those and use those in addressing some of the areas where they like to see some improvement.

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