What Does the Quality Pulse® Quality Culture Diagnostic Help Organizations Understand?

Teresa Gorecki |

The Quality Pulse® diagnostic tool is a tool that helps an organization understand three things, really…

  1. How clearly messages regarding quality are shared across the organization by leaders at all levels.
  2. The second is whether the behaviors, and the unofficial messages, those things that are not written, but they’re said… often privately, or in small groups… how congruent those messages, those behaviors are with the official messages.
  3. And the third thing is really… how well the systems and processes inside the organization support or enable a robust quality culture.

So, it’s really about a couple of things. One is, what is management say when they talk? The second thing is, do they “walk-the-talk?” And the third thing is really, how well do the systems and processes for reward and recognition, goals and objectives, strategy, the systems and processes used throughout the business and the quality systems, the technology tools that are used how well do those enable a robust quality culture?

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